Celebrating [email protected]!

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October 2017 is very special month for ORCID because we will be celebrating our fifth anniversary! What a long way we have come - and we couldn’t have done it without all your engagement and support - thank you!

ORCID is all about community so, to celebrate our anniversary, we are sharing some new resources with you. First, we have enhanced our ORCID statistics page to include more information about the number or ORCID records and data connected to them - just in time for you to track our progress toward some key milestones that - with your help! - we can reach during October:

  • >4m iDs live iDs (we are currently at 3,874,551 as of September 22)
  • 1.5m iDs with at least one external identifier (currently 1,495,889)
  • 10m unique DOIs connected to ORCID records (currently 9,960,411)

Let’s make more connections to ORCID records by using our iDs in ORCID integrations and Search & Link wizards! Let’s enable more automated record updates by giving permission to Crossref, DataCite, and other trusted organizations!

Throughout October, we will be posting regular updates until we reach the magic numbers. Follow us on Twitter @ORCID_Org to stay tuned on this and other [email protected] celebrations, including the launch of our new education and outreach resources with a virtual community party for users, ambassadors, members, and ORCID staff. Stand by for the invitation and don’t forget to RSVP. (Virtual) drinks on the house!

Last but not least, for those of you who would like to say “happy birthday”, we warmly welcome your ORCID pictures, anecdotes, and short videos (see instructions). Please share on Twitter or send to [email protected], using the hashtag #ORCID5 - we’ll incorporate our favorites into our own [email protected] celebrations!

To get you in the spirit, we will also be creating an ORCID Spotify playlist (think themes of persistence, uniqueness, and identity!) and will invite you to submit your contributions.

Thank you for helping to build a digital research ecosystem!