Celebrating [email protected] with the launch of new resources!

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As part of ORCID’s fifth birthday celebrations, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new ORCID education and outreach resources!

Thanks to our second Helmsley grant, we have been able to completely overhaul our resources for users, creating a new, up-to-date range of tools for users that is better aligned with ORCID’s current messaging and priorities. The aim is to enable better and more consistent help for researchers at the point of need, as well as providing a toolkit of customizable materials for librarians and others charged with educating researchers about ORCID.

The impetus for creating these resources came from the community, and community engagement has been central to this project. The project was guided by working groups, we liaised with ORCID Ambassadors to determine the resources and approaches needed, and involved volunteer testers from the community survey to review materials before launch.

The first resources are launching today, on ORCID’s fifth anniversary, October 16, as follows:

You can find all our videos, including these, on our Vimeo channel.

  • Why ORCID? video, which complements and extends our well-used What is ORCID? (Sofia Garcia) video.

  • Outreach resources: hosted in the ORCID repository, our CC0-licensed outreach resources are presented within a suggested structured three-phase communications plan. Each phase (anticipation, action, awareness) has its own toolkit of resources for you to use and adapt, and these include: content for information bulletin/blog post/webpage/email, downloadable materials, drop-in event, e-poster that can be used as a desktop background or screensaver, and a presentation (includes workshop activities). All the resources are editable and there is space for you to add your own details and institutional logo.

To learn more, join one of our two communications webinars on October 31. Follow the link for more information and free registration.

During the next phase of this project, we will be working to expand the range of materials, and coordinating translation projects.

We warmly invite you to use and share these resources with your communities. Please let us know what you think, and tell us what you would like to see in phase two.