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ORCID Registry interface now available in Arabic

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[this release also available in Arabic: واجهة سجل أوركيد الآن باللغة العربية!]

ORCID is a global initiative, with over 800 members from 42 countries and millions of users from every continent. We are committed to supporting our community by providing the ORCID Registry interface and outreach resources in the most commonly used languages. To support this objective, we provide a method for community members to contribute translations.

arabic interface

Today we are delighted to announce the launch of our Arabic user interface, our 12th Registry language. The Arabic Registry can be accessed by selecting the "Arabic" option drop the language drop-menu, for example on the sign in page or registration page. You can also add ?lang=ar to the end of any Registry page or ORCID iD URL to view the Arabic interface.

arabic interface

We give our thanks for the translation, review, and feedback of a dedicated team of volunteers: Massoud M. AlShareef , Dina Hashim , Abdelaziz Laala, and Mohamad Mostafa .

Arabic is among the top 20 preferred browsing languages of ORCID Registry users, and it is an operational language for several of our member organizations. “Providing an Arabic user interface will increase the awareness of ORCID to millions of potential scholars for whom Arabic is their first or preferred language,” said Mohamad Mostafa, Publishing Editor at Knowledge E.

Thanks to the Arabic translation team

Massoud Alshareef

Dina Hashim

Abdelaziz Laala

Mohamad Mostafa

“Handling multiple forms of Arabic authors’ names is a big challenge to all libraries in the region,” says Massoud M. AlShareef of KnowledgeWare Technologies. “Arabic ORCID surely will enhance the discoverability of Arabic scholarship internationally, when Arabic authors can be easily linked to their work by their unique ORCID iD instead of the various forms of their names.”

In addition to the user interface, the team has translated ORCID outreach resources. You may now access Arabic-language banners, sample promotional text, and flyers for different communities: research institutions, researchers, funders, associations, and publishers.

Your feedback and participation help us improve

We are always developing new features and improving our Registry and outreach resources. (See our Current Development Trello board.) Help our efforts by:

Sending feedback: If you use the Arabic interface, and notice that something is out of alignment or oddly phrased in context, let us know.

Joining the translation team: We warmly welcome all translators to join the ORCID translation project and help translate the ORCID Registry user interface, email messages, and outreach resources into Arabic or any other languages we support on the Registry. And if you’d like to propose a new language on the Registry, just let us know.