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Five Key Highlights from ORCID’s 2017 Annual Report

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As a community-led organization with a commitment to transparent and open governance, we are delighted to share our 2017 Annual Report.

Here we report on just a few of the many activities we undertook during 2017. We couldn’t have achieved them without the help and support of our users, members, and partners. 

Reaching Key Milestones

We achieved several adoption and usage milestones, including ORCID Pi Day (to celebrate the 3,141,593rd ORCID registrant) in March; 4 million registrants in time for our 5th anniversary; 1.5 million records with at least one connection, and 10 million unique DOIs connected to ORCID records.  The Registry continues to garner strong global usage. You can find all the latest ORCID stats on our new, improved statistics page.

Supporting Our Users

We overhauled and expanding our outreach resources and information for users, including a new Welcome to ORCID page, ORCID How-to videos embedded at point of need, an updated outreach resources page, and a three-phase communications plan template.  These resouces are available in our ORCID repository, also launched in 2017.  In the last quarter of 2017 alone, there were 223,104 views of our new KnowledgeBase (KB) articles.

Building Our Member Community

We welcomed 218 new members and five new ORCID consortia - in Brazil, Canada, Norway, and South Africa.  At the end of 2017, we had 827 members in 42 countries, who individually had built 515 live integrations across all sectors of our community: research institutions, funders, publishers.  As part of our Collect and Connect program to ensure these integration follow best practices, we reviewed 216 integrations and awarded 47 Collect & Connect badges.  See the ORCID membership  page for the most up-to-date information on members and their integrations.

Ensuring Reliable and Responsive Technology

We made progress on 40 new technology projects, including launching version 2.0 of the ORCID API; migrating to a new content delivery network architecture that better supports our global operations; switching the ORCID identifier to a secure protocol and implementing OpenID Connect; and streamlining the processing of our annual public datafile and enabling on-demand public datafiles for our premium members.

Listening to Our Community

2017 was a very busy year for us, as we engaged with our community through task forces and working groups on a variety of topics: User Facilities and Publications; Organization Identifiers; ORCID in Book Workflows; Displaying iDs in journal articles; and the Refeds ORCID Working Group.  Full information about past and present task forces, working groups, and more can be found on the ORCID community page

But Wait - There’s More!

We warmly invite you to read and share our 2017 annual report. We’d love to hear your feedback! And we invite you to join us for more in 2018.