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Call for Nominations for the ORCID Board in 2019

Karin Wulf's picture

ORCID is looking for a new class of Board members to join a dynamic group of professionals from different sectors of the research community.

Each year the Board nominations process gives the ORCID membership a direct voice in the organization’s governance.  The Board’s composition and annual elections are part of ORCID’s charter.

As a new Board member and the Chair of the Nominations Committee, I look forward to working with the other committee members:

Other than two unaffiliated researcher members (myself and Richard de Grijs), ORCID Board members must be from current ORCID member organizations, all of which are eligible to nominate representatives to serve on the Board. In seeking a balanced, diverse slate, we will take into account different sectors, region, skills, and non-profit status requirements, as established in the ORCID bylaws. New Board members should ideally offer perspectives not currently represented or fully represented on the Board.

New Board members will serve for a period of three years, starting from  the February 2019 Board meeting. They are expected to attend each of three annual Board meetings, in person, and to play an active role in ORCID activities during the course of their term.

For more about the roles and responsibilities of ORCID Board Directors, please see the Elections webpage.

Please send us your recommendations for new ORCID Board members using this form. We will consider all recommendations received before August 1, 2018.

The slate will be presented to the current Board for approval at our late September meeting, after which it will be announced publicly. The community has the choice of either voting on the slate or proposing additional candidates (within 30 days of the slate being announced), in which case the election will become a plurality vote by candidate. To propose additional candidates, a group of 20 or more members must submit a nomination in writing to ORCID before November 7, 2018. Note that the group may not include more than one member per consortium (for specific details, see Article III Section 2b of ORCID's Bylaws). We will send notifications and open the election by electronic ballot later in November.

The full process is summarized below:

ORCID 2019 Elections Timetable

Date Activity
March 12, 2018 Call for Board member recommendations
August 1, 2018 Closing date for Board recommendations
September 26, 2018 Nominating Committee presents slate for Board approval
October 8, 2018 Slate made public
November 7, 2018 Closing date for alternative nominations
December 6, 2018 Elections by electronic ballot
January 1, 2019 Elected members start their term

We look forward to receiving your recommendations over the coming months.

Please contact the nominating committee with any questions, or feel free to reach out to me directly. When voting opens, ORCID will be sending proxies to each main contact listed on ORCID membership agreements. If you would like to update your membership contact information at any time between now and then, please contact ORCID Support.

This post was amended on August 22, 2019 to correct the date when the slate will be made public