We Need Your Input: ORCID in Repositories

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As a former academic librarian who spent quite a bit of time wrangling digital collections, repositories are near and dear to me. That's why I'm thrilled to announce and invite participation in the ORCID in Repositories Task Force.

In ORCID: Out of the Box, Laura Paglione explained that our 2018 roadmap goals include strengthening collaborations with third-party system providers to help make ORCID’s aspiration of researcher-controlled, interconnected information exchange a reality that is accessible to those without a team of in-house developers on hand.

The repository community could particularly benefit from enhanced out-of-the-box ORCID features. While some repositories have developed sophisticated infrastructure that leverages ORCID to automate workflow, support for ORCID is readily available in very few open source and vendor supplied systems. To improve workflow automation, author disambiguation, and visibility of repository content using the community-driven infrastructure that ORCID provides, we need better ORCID integration in more repository systems!

About the task force

Following a recent example of successful collaboration among JISC members in the UK to develop requirements for ORCID in ePrints, the ORCID in Repositories Task Force will provide input on a generalized set of recommendations for supporting ORCID in repository platforms, which will help guide repository system developers.

The task force will be chaired by Michele Mennielli, International Membership and Partnership Manager at DuraSpace, with support from Liz Krznarich, Frontend Technical Lead at ORCID. Recommendations of the task force will be used inform the work of Projects Governance of open source platform supported by DuraSpace. Membership in this group is voluntary, and we invite participation by individuals who have an interest in the topic, including repository providers, repository managers, librarians, IT staff, and research administration staff.

Join the task force

We're seeking 6-12 volunteers who will:

  • Attend 2-3 one-hour web meetings between July and Sept 2018
  • Dedicate about four hours to reviewing documents outside of the meetings

Please see the ORCID community page for information about how we will recognize your participation in the Task Force.

Interested? Please contact us with a short bio and a few sentences about why you’d like to participate.  

Interested, but not able to participate? We still want your input! Task force recommendations will be opened for public comment before they are finalized; contact us and we'll make sure to let you know when the document is available.