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Spreading the ORCID Word: Helping You Help Us

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This week we are delighted to welcome our five millionth ORCID registrant, a researcher in Hungary -- an important and exciting milestone to reach less than six years after our October 2012 launch! We appreciate your help in keeping these numbers growing, to benefit researchers, your organization, and the wider research community.


Ensuring that researchers don’t just register for an iD, but that they also use and share it, is critical to achieving our vision. So we are equally excited to announce that we have also recently reached -- or are about to reach* -- a number of other key milestones:

  • 30 million works connected to ORCID record
  • 20 million works added to records by members
  • 2 million records with at least one external ID
  • 1.5 million records with at least one education item
  • 1 million:
    • works auto-updated in ORCID records by Crossref
    • records with at least one work
    • records with at least one employment item
    • person identifiers on ORCID records
    • keywords on ORCID records
  • 500k records with at least one funding item
  • 350k records with at least one other name
  • 125k researchers using social or institutional sign in
  • 500 systems where researchers can use their iD
  • 250 countries where researchers are using ORCID

Engaging researchers

Integrating ORCID into your organization’s research information system(s) is, of course, an essential part of this. But so, too, is encouraging your researchers to use their iD to connect information to their record, including giving permission to trusted organizations (ORCID members) to read and update their record. This ensures that researcher consent is respected and saves everyone time and hassle, helping to achieve the ORCID mantras of researcher control and enter once, reuse often.

While we interact directly with researchers ourselves, we also rely on our member organizations and other ORCID supporters to help. We know this is a big ask, and that’s why we’ve created all sorts of useful outreach resources.

We also love to share examples of successful ORCID outreach campaigns. Today, we are delighted to feature some great examples from our most recent communication webinars (you can access the full recordings here: Middle East/Africa/Europe/Americas and Asia-Pacific).

Example 1: Consortia resources

Several ORCID consortia have put together their own set of localized ORCID resources. Although these are primarily intended for consortium members, they are well worth a look as a great source of inspiration!

  • The Royal Society Te Aparangi, which leads the New Zealand consortium, hosts a sharespace of information, resources, example outreach plans and strategy, templates, and more. They’ve also made available sample email communications templates in the user guide for the ORCID NZ Hub, and a Welcome to the NZ ORCID Consortium booklet which gives an overview of resources and how to plan a communications strategy around ORCID.
  • The ORCID Germany consortium has set up a hub for their members, with German-language translations of ORCID outreach resources, a plan for setting up your institution’s ORCID information pages, and example user communications from the region.
  • The ORCID Australia consortium has a comprehensive set of resources, including these communication and outreach materials and examples.

Example 2: Custom videos

A number of ORCID members have created their own videos, to walk researchers through how and why to use their iD in the organization’s system(s). Three great examples:

Example 3: ORCID at Otago

Otago University is a great example of a university using our template communications campaign to develop their own outreach plan, including emails from the Deputy Vice Chancellor of  Research & Enterprise, as well as Subject Librarians; the creation of an ORCID at Otago webpage; videos; a competition; giveaways (pens and bookmarks); and pop-up information stalls and posters around the university

More great examples of community outreach campaigns are featured in Six Examples of Creative Promotion of ORCID by Libraries.

Share what you are doing

We greatly appreciate the individuals and organizations who help us to share our vision. If you’ve implemented a successful ORCID outreach campaign, please let us know! We’d love to feature it here on the ORCID blog, on social media, on our website, in presentations, or in a future communications webinar.

Thank you!

*Numbers in italics have not yet been reached. We expect to reach them in the next few weeks.