Hong Kong ORCID Roundtable

Brian Minihan's picture

About 20 participants from Hong Kong institutions gathered for a round table meeting on September 13, to discuss their experiences of integrating ORCID. Many of the institutions were early adopters of ORCID with much experience to share.

Our Hong Kong members utilize a variety of systems for their integrations, working with research information (CRIS) and repository systems, other vendors, as well as developing their own homegrown solutions to connect their researchers to ORCID and to their university.

Participants in the meeting agreed that the main challenges in implementing ORCID are around adoption, rather than technical implementation -  in particular, user education and outreach to researchers and administrators on how and why using ORCID benefits them. A presentation by Janice Chia, Scholarly Communications Librarian of Hong Kong Polytechnic University illustrated some of the ways they are tackling this issue, specifically communicating with researchers experiencing sign-in fatigue. However, past challenges can provide good training for a community undergoing a second integration in the future.

Representatives of the newly formed Hong Kong Access Federation, whose mission is to allow secure and expedited access to institutional digital resources, saw opportunities to leverage eduGAIN services to assist Hong Kong members in simplifying ORCID registration and sharing trusted affiliation information with their researchers. Universities saw this trusted connection workflow as a means to demonstrate time-saving benefits to researchers of registering and using their iD to automate ORCID record updates.

The meeting ended with a discussion about next steps, with participants agreeing to work together to develop a suite of shared ORCID outreach resources, with ORCID providing facilitation support. The ultimate goal is to improve outreach and communication between Hong Kong researchers, their research offices, and the Hong Kong Research Grants Council.

We look forward to working together with stakeholders in Hong Kong to raise awareness of ORCID, and to help researchers and their organizations alike to get the most out of ORCID across the research cycle.