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Announcing the ORCID Board Slate for 2019

Karin Wulf's picture

I am delighted to announce the slate for ORCID’s 2019 Board election.  

We received 25 nominations, and felt strongly that the candidates represented the best of ORCID -- a committed, collaborative community of users. The Nominating Committee is tasked with considering a complex set of potential contributions from nominees, including sector representation, gender, geography, professional expertise, and skills pertinent to Board service. A major thanks to Richard de Gris, Alison Mitchell, and our two external Nominating Committee members, Johanna McEntyre and Paul Vierkant, as well as to the ORCID staff for their support of our work.

After careful consideration, the Nominating Committee unanimously recommended the following candidates to be put forth for election to the ORCID Board, for a term from 2019-2021:

More information about the slate and elections process can be found on our 2019 election page.

All ORCID members in good standing as of October 8, 2018 are eligible to vote.  Online voting will be open from November 8 - December 7, 2018, and full instructions will be sent to the official contact at each member organization by November 7, 2018. Members also have the option to propose write-in candidates for the Board within 30 days of the slate being announced (by November 7, 2018) – full information can be found in our bylaws, Section III, Article 2.

In addition to participation on the ORCID Board, the Nominating Committee is working with the ORCID Board and staff to identify other avenues for nominees to formally participate in ORCID’s work.  Ongoing initiatives are listed on ORCID’s community webpage, and we look forward to sharing more about new initiatives rolling out in 2019.