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New Feature Alert: Upgraded Affiliation Types

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Enabling transparent and trustworthy connections between researchers and their contributions and affiliations is at the center of ORCID’s mission. This enables researchers to be recognized for the many different types of valuable work they do.

Since last year, we have dedicated a lot of time to expanding organizational affiliations on the ORCID Registry. After gathering community feedback, developing a data model, and testing, we are delighted to announce that our expanded affiliation types are now available on our newly released API 3.0!

With this release, the ORCID Registry now supports seven types of affiliations in four sections:

  • Education and (new) qualifications: the formal education relationship between a person and an organization, either in an higher/tertiary education program, a professional or vocational training program, a certification, or a continuing education program.
  • Employment: a work relationship between a person and an organization
  • Invited positions and distinctions (new): formal relationships outside of employment between a person and an organization, such as a serving as an visiting researcher, an honorary fellow, or being distinguished with an award or honorary degree
  • Membership and service (new): membership in an organization, or donation of time or other resources in the service of an organization

Several ORCID members will be helping us to beta test this functionality over the coming months.

Member organizations interested in beta testing the new affiliation types, please complete this brief form!

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