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Recognizing Our Consortia Lead Organizations

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Consortia are fundamental to ORCID -- they enable broad adoption of ORCID with attention to local context. They help us maintain a small staff and in turn we can pass on low membership costs. Together, our consortia lead organizations support about 70% of our members, and help us better understand an address community challenges and opportunities.

At our recent consortia workshop in Atlanta, USA, we were delighted to recognize the contributions of six consortia lead organizations that have significantly helped grow and support the ORCID community.


Above, left to right: Award-winners Sheila Rabun and Celeste Feather of LYRASIS (center), Wesley Barrey of TENET (left), and Pål Axelsson of SUNET (left)

IUCC (Israel): For Excellence in Fostering ORCID integrations among Consortium members

In just eight  months, IUCC supported four research institutions (representing 40% of the consortium) in building out the primary ORCID use case for this sector: collecting authenticated iDs and posting affiliation data into ORCID records. Consortium lead, Dror Berger, has guided consortium members through the integration process (including meeting Collect & Connect badging requirements), facilitating the launch of new systems where researchers can use their iD. This has included regularly following up with members, providing them with detailed information, and keeping up-to-date with their integration plans.

Jisc (UK): For Excellence in Investing in Supporting Infrastructure

For their collaboration with EPrints to develop a new plug in using the member API. This allows ORCID members using the EPrints repository to collect ORCID iDs from repository users and add employment affiliation (or education where appropriate) to the user ORCID record. It further enables users to manage ORCID permissions, and import and export publications seamlessly between ORCID and EPrints. Reporting features for repository administrators are also available. Adam Vials-Moore, UK ORCID Senior Community Engagement and Technical Manager collected this award on behalf of the Jisc team.

ORCID-DE (Germany): For Excellence in Strategic Advocacy

For their legal analysis of ORCID Data Privacy and their “ORCID Position paper” to promote ORCID in German-speaking communities. ORCID DE have hosted three well-attended workshops and use their blog to actively promote every new consortium member, the adoption of iDs in Germany, and other milestones. Their outreach efforts have led to constant growth, with 14 new members onboarded during 2018, and four so far in 2019. In addition, two of their members have created exemplar integrations that are in the top 20 for adding works to records: DataCite (129,568 works added) and Bielefeld University Library (BASE - 89,615 works added). Head of PID Services, Britta Dreyer, accepted this award on behalf of the ORCID-DE team.

SUNET (Sweden): For Excellence in Strategic Advocacy  

The second award in this category went to Swedish consortium lead, SUNET. Pål Axelsson and his colleagues have continued to lead ORCID advocacy in Sweden, in particular providing valuable guidance around ORCID’s role in the Federated Identity Management (FIM) community.  

TENET (South Africa): For Excellence in Bringing together Identifiers and Identity

As the first ORCID consortium in Africa, TENET has focused on establishing ORCID within their trust and identity services. The consortium continues to grow as a result of their continued advocacy, and they are currently working to establish a national tool to better support South Africa consortium members. System Administrator for TENET, Wesley Barry, accepted the award on behalf of the team.

US Community Consortium lead LYRASIS: For Excellence in Motivating Communications

For bringing four distinct and far-flung communities together and developing a successful community of practice in the US, through webinars, online resources, and the US Community online forum (open to non-members and members alike). Our special thanks to Sheila Rabun, Community Lead for the consortium, for her active engagement and enthusiasm in building the US ORCID community.

Please join us in congratulating these organizations and individuals -- and in thanking all our consortia leads for their help growing and supporting ORCID adoption in their communities. Your support is invaluable!