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The ORCID Product Roadmap: Share Your Ideas!

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ORCID is a work in progress

Since our launch in 2012, we’ve been fostering openness in communications with our community so we can continually improve our Registry and APIs, and ultimately better meet your needs. Your feedback - whether as users, members, or public API integrators - has been critical in helping us prioritize what to develop, how, and why. For example, we improved our inbox notifications early this year, added new supported work types, and removed the need to have an affiliation start date when an end date was added. This feedback all came from our community. 

There are four ways you can see how we are implementing your feedback to improve ORCID:

  1. What we are working on now: Our Current Development Trello board, which has always been publicly available, shows what we are working on now 
  2. What improvements are on the horizon: Our Product Roadmap Trello board, launched earlier this year, shows what we have committed to implement in the future
  3. Community requests for UI Improvements: Our User Feedback Trello board is focused on the development of our User Interface (UI), and
  4. Community feedback from members and integrators: Our Member and Integrator Feedback Trello board captures feedback from the community that could assist in others in their own successful integrations.

Keep the ideas coming!

After working with Trello boards for over a year now, we’ve determined that they are a much more efficient way for us to manage crowdsourced ideas for improvement, and to share implementation progress with the community. With these new public boards in place, we have decided to sunset our iDeas Forum. Here’s how you can share your suggestions for ORCID enhancements and new features:

Once we add your ideas to the appropriate board, we will evaluate them for how well they fit with our mission, how easy they would be to implement, and how critical they would be to continued improvement over time. We will provide a link to the person who proposed the idea so they can track the progress in real time!

Please contact us if you submitted an idea previously which you feel is still relevant that has not yet made it to one of our Trello boards. 

Our thanks to all of you who have shared your ideas in the past — please keep them coming in future too!