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Welcome to Collect & Connect: ORCID’s integration and engagement program

With hundreds of our members globally building ORCID identifiers into their systems, as well as some funders and publishers now requiring ORCID iDs, researchers are increasingly likely to encounter ORCID in their day-to-day life. The Collect & Connect program has been developed to streamline the integration process and foster a shared user experience. This ensures researchers and our member-integrators understand what ORCID is, and why and how to engage.

ORCID’s mantra is “enter once, reuse often” and, to achieve this in a reliable, trustworthy, and transparent way, it’s essential that organizations play their part by creating validated assertions about the connections between them and their researchers. For research institutions, this means validating their researchers’ affiliation(s); for publishers, their works (publications, reviews, datasets, and more); and for funders, their awards and grants.

Collect and Connect is a set of resources and guidelines for ORCID integration and engagement. The program strives to:

  • Clarify implementation goals and expectations across sectors: ensuring that all organizations understand their role, responsibilities, and benefits in incorporating ORCID identifiers in researcher workflows and systems
  • Standardize and improve the user experience: through consistent collection protocols, iD display, and data exchange options.  
  • Improve understanding of trust in connections between ORCID and other identifiers: building ORCID into systems enables organizations to make trusted assertions about connections between people, places, and contributions that everyone can benefit from
  • Increase the efficiency and quality of integrations: developing best practice guidelines from shared implementation experiences
  • Help achieve the ORCID vision through a community approach: Understanding how use of identifiers in each sector can support trusted data exchange, improve data quality, and reduce paperwork and repetitive data entry across sectors can help each organization to prioritize its approach to identifiers and effectively engage with researchers – and other organizations. We hope the Collect & Connect program will engage the community further and more deeply engage members with our mission and goals

Find out more about what the Collect & Connect program means for Research Funders, Research Institutions, and Publishers; discover our Knowledge Base and Outreach Resources for communicating the benefits of ORCID for researchers.