The ORCID identifier can be integrated within publishing organization workflows, including manuscript submission and reviewer management processes. Through inclusion in these workflows, the ORCID identifier becomes a key part of the metadata of published works. 

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Publications and blogs

Laure Haak, Suggested Practices for Collection and Display of ORCID iDs in Publishing Workflows

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Declan Butler, Scientists: your number is up--ORCID scheme will give researchers unique identifiers to improve tracking of publications, Nature. 

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Panel on ORCID integrations by publishers from ORCID30 May 2014 panel at the Society for Scholarly Publishing, including presentations by Martin Fenner, PLOS, Michael Habib, Elsevier, Cesar Berrios-Otero, F1000 Research, and Brooks Hanson, American Geophysical Union, about how their organizations are using ORCID. 

Rebecca Bryant, ORCID: Status & Benefits to Publishers, and Poster: Connecting Researchers with their Research through Community Adoption of ORCID, Annual Meeting of the Council of Science Editors 

ORCID iDs in the Academic Publishing Workflow, Webinar: ORCID Implementation Workshop for Publishers. 

Véronique Kiermer, Executive Editor and Head of Researcher Services, Nature Publishing Group: Integration of ORCID identifiers by publishers, presented at the October 2013 ORCID Outreach Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Paul Peters, Hindawi Publishing: Capturing ORCID iDs in the manuscript submission and production process, presented at the May 2013 ORCID Outreach Meeting, Oxford.