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As a community-driven organization, we encourage input and involvement from the scholarly communications community. Through your participation, we can better prioritize, plan, and implement features and tools to support your needs. There are many opportunities to get involved with ORCID: mailing lists, ambassador activities, technical discussions and code contributions, steering and working groups, bi-annual outreach meetings, and by becoming a member.  We look forward to working with you!

Online user Communities

ORCID offers several community mailing lists to allow you to engage with others integrating ORCID identifiers into their systems. These user groups are open to all current and potential integrating organizations and can instantly connect you with your peers to share policies, processes, use cases, and best practices. 

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ORCID relies upon volunteers worldwide to support outreach and engagement to researchers. Our diverse cadre of energetic institutional and individual ORCID Ambassadors encourage the adoption of ORCID identifiers locally and globally. ORCID Ambassadors hail from over 25 countries and include researchers, faculty and university administration, librarians, funders, association and publishing professionals, and organizations that support ORCID in many ways, including:

  • Organizing and leading ORCID presentations at conferences and at their own institutions
  • Translating resources 
  • Encouraging their organization or nation to become a member and embed ORCID identifiers in research workflows
  • Sharing information about their institution’s ORCID integration with the community

Do you know someone who has is enthusiastic about ORCID and can help us with outreach as an ORCID Ambassador? Would you like your organization to partner on ORCID outreach? If so, please nominate them by emailing [email protected]. Special consideration is given to nominees from underrepresented disciplinary and geographic areas. 

Technical community

ORCID is committed to supporting third party development of resources that leverage ORCID identifiers. The ORCID Technical Community is open to everyone interested in participating in technical discussions about the ORCID Registry and APIs. Get involved: vote on new features, provide feedback, contribute code! Learn more:  

In addition, ORCID convenes Technical Working Groups for fixed, short periods of time to work on very specific tasks. Individuals participating in these groups are expected to have the time, interest, and commitment to participate in the production of deliverables assigned to the group.

ORCID Governance and Steering Groups

ORCID is governed by an elected Board of Directors, majority non-profit, comprised of fourteen members of the global scholarly research community. Membership in the Board of Directors is drawn from and representative of ORCID member organizations. The Board is responsible for establishing general policies for the governance of ORCID, based on a set of core principles, among them openness and transparency. 

In addition, ORCID Steering Groups guide and support the evolution and ongoing development of ORCID. Steering Groups facilitate broad and open participation of interested community members, provide opportunities to participate with different levels of time commitment according to interest and expertise, and provide ORCID guidance on priorities, strategy, and execution of specific plans related to Business, Outreach, and Technical activities.  Steering Group membership is by appointment by the Executive Director after consultation with the ORCID Executive Committee, and must include at least one Board member. 

Outreach Meetings

ORCID hosts twice-yearly Outreach meetings, to provide updates on ORCID and to work with the community to explore and test integration of ORCID identifiers. A list of upcoming meetings and archived meetings is available on our events page. We're currently finalizing the program for our next ORCID Outreach Meeting, to be held May 21-22, 2014 in Chicago. The program will feature demos from Adoption and Integration partner institutions and will highlight the integration of ORCID iDs within universities and professional societies. The autumn meeting will be held in Tokyo on November 4, 2014.

We encourage you to subscribe to the ORCID newsletter and to follow @ORCID_Org on Twitter for the latest news. Contact us at [email protected] to discuss how YOU can get involved with ORCID.


The success of ORCID depends on people and organizations throughout the research community using the Registry and embedding ORCID identifiers in external workflows and systems including grant applications, manuscript submission and researcher employer systems.  We currently have more than 110 member organizations working to integrate ORCID identifiers using the ORCID API. Encourage your organization to become a member and learn more about current integrations on our web site.