Guidelines on the display of ORCID iDs in journal articles

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Displaying ORCID iDs in metadata and in published articles is an important aspect of our new Collect & Connect program (see Step by Step: Collecting and Connecting ORCID iDs in the Publishing Process) and a key commitment of the open letter Requiring ORCID in Publication Workflows.

Working group on display of iDs in articles

Edward Wates (Wiley)

David Burgoyne (Taylor & Francis)

Nicholas Everitt (Taylor & Francis)

Ben Bowyer (Taylor & Francis)

Tim Cross (Allen Press)

But the landscape has changed since we issued our original Suggested Practices for Collection and Display of ORCID iDs in Publishing Workflows in 2013. For example, publishers are now asking us: Should the display of ORCID iDs be the same in print and hypertext? What are the best practices for hyperlinking ORCID iDs – should it be the URI, the ORCID iD icon, or both? How can we best display ORCID iDs for mega-authored articles?

To help answer these questions, and to achieve an important Collect & Connect goal (helping to build trust by encouraging a standard user experience with ORCID iDs), we’ve formed a group of representatives from scholarly publishing to help update our existing display guidelines for ORCID iDs in articles.

The display guidelines group will gather and distill community recommendations and issue draft guidelines on the display of ORCID iDs in publications, which will be circulated for community comments and review before formal release. Once released, ORCID will work to improve compliance with the new guidelines through the Collect & Connect program and the publisher open letter requirements.

We recognize that journals have many considerations to take into account – style, standards, system limitations, and user expectations – so we very much want your input into these guidelines. Please send your use cases, suggestions, and questions and issues related to the display of ORCID iDs in articles (print and hypertext) to [email protected] by July 31, 2016. If anyone is interested in joining the working group, please also let us know by then.

And look out for news of another community group that will be working on ORCID in books workflows shortly!

All in the ORCID community are welcome to join in these discussions.