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Looking Out Three Years: ORCID’s Strategic Plan

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Planning for the Future

ORCID is transitioning from a start-up into a growing, established non-profit organization. Our community is growing steadily. We have 4.5 million registered users and expect to pass the 1,000 member milestone this year.  As we grow, we must redouble our efforts to ensure reliability - both in terms of our services and our principles.

To guide the transition, in 2017 we engaged in a strategic visioning process. Our core question was how ORCID can optimally position its offering to empower researchers and advance the research ecosystem to drive better research outcomes.

Core Strategies

We started by imagining potential scenarios for the research environment in 2035. With our Board and members of the ORCID community, we considered the implications of these scenarios for ORCID and identified four core strategies that enable the ORCID mission:

  • Researcher: Position the researcher at the center of all that we do
  • Infrastructure: Invest in developing a robust information infrastructure
  • Trusted Assertions: Enable a wide range of verified iD-ID connections
  • Strategic Relationships: Develop sustainability through strategic relationships

Three-year Roadmap

From these core strategies, we have developed a roadmap for the next three years.  In each year, our projects will focus on a community sector or perspective. Building on our earlier work with the publishing community and research institutions, in 2018 we will be deepening our engagement with the funding community, starting with the ORBIT project and encompassing all of our roadmap projects.  In 2019 we will leverage all of this work to focus on researchers.  

You can read more about our work in 2017 in our Annual Report.  And, over the next few weeks, we will be publishing blogs describing our 2018 roadmap projects.  Look for updates during the course of the year!

We thank our Board especially for supporting ORCID in this journey, and we look forward to working with everyone in the community as we implement our core strategies.

For Your Reference

We invite you to consult our website for more information and to follow our blog for regular roadmap updates.