Translating ORCID for your community

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Thanks to our community translators!

Arabic Registry & Outreach Resources

Massoud Alshareef

Dina Hashim

Mohamad Mostafa

Czech Registry & Outreach Resources

Lenka Klempová

Ivan Masár

Pavla Rygelová

German Outreach Resources

Heinz Pampel

Christian Pietsch

Laura Rothfritz

Paul Vierkant

Japanese Registry

Soichi Tokizane

Korean Registry

Senator Jeong

ORCID is committed to supporting the international community by providing the ORCID Registry interface in several of the most common languages of our users. We also provide resources in multiple languages to support your outreach efforts.

New features and resources are first developed in English, our working language. We work closely with members of the ORCID community to develop translations of ORCID content, including the Czech Registry localization and the German and Czech outreach resources translations released earlier this year.

We’ve been improving our localization process so more in the community can participate. We have implemented a new policy for managing versions of the Registry, outreach resources, and information pages, part of which is the adoption of a new workflow using Transifex, a localization management system. This enables us to work with a team of translators and reviewers to more rapidly contribute new localizations or improve existing ones. Interested in helping? Read on!

Join the community effort

Are you a native speaker of any of our supported languages? Can you contribute new translations, review, or improve the Registry or outreach resources in your language? Join our team of translators and reviewers and help make ORCID work better for others in your community. Sign up for an account on Transifex and send a request to join the ORCID localization team for your language. You can also contact us directly and we’ll help you get started.

Interested in contributing a language not currently supported on ORCID? Let us know and we’ll add it to our list.

Recognizing our translation community

Our “C” is for “Contributor”. We recognize our community translators and others who have contributed to ORCID (see sidebar) and soon will be launching the ORCID Contributor Recognition Program.

In addition, we are now recognizing translation contributions on ORCID records. All contributors are listed when we deposit the localized Registry or outreach resources collections to the ORCID Repository. Those contributors who have connected their iD to figshare, will benefit from our own version of Collect and Connect; their iD will be embedded in the resource metadata and their ORCID record auto-updated with their translation contribution. We will be working on functionality to enable ORCID to formally recognize all contributors in their ORCID record in 2018 – watch this space for more information.

What's next?

Arabic: If you have been following our Current Development Trello board, you may have seen our efforts to finalize the right-to-left script layout on our new Arabic localization. Work on Arabic has been carried out by three volunteers from the ORCID community. Read Arabic? We’d appreciate your feedback. Preview the new interface now on the ORCID Sandbox.

Updated outreach resources: We launched our revamped outreach resources as a part of our [email protected] celebrations. The new resources will soon be available for community translation in Transifex. Join the translation project in your language, or contact us for more information.